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303 Southwest Second Street
Miscellaneous Information:
The Hieronymous home and carriage house were built in 1907/1908 at 607 NW Vine Street. The carriage house, one of the few remaining wooden carriage houses in Atlanta, was purchased and moved to the Elevator Museum site in late 2014. Since then it has been preserved with a new roof, windows, paint and minor repairs so it could be opened to the public as an example of early 20th century transportation.
The Carriage House display includes a two-wheeled buggy, donated by Gillette Ransom of Elkhart, and fiberglass horse, named Grace after Ransom’s horse that used to pull the buggy, and a four-minute informational video which plays inside the house.
The Hieronymous Family Carriage House will be open to visitors daily between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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