Abraham Lincoln National Railsplitting Festival

Postville Courthouse 

Held the third weekend in September


2021- 50th Annual National Ralsplitting Festival Schedule 

Will be held at the Postville Courthouse - 914 5th St. Lincoln, IL  - SEE THE ON MAP

 and the VFW- 915 5th St. Lincoln, IL - SEE THE ON MAP

 *CAR SHOW at The Mill Museum on Route 66 (738 S. Washington St.) - Museum Open from 12:00-4:00PM*- SEE MAP HERE


SATURDAY, September 18th:

10:00AM- Ribbon Cutting

10:30AM- Women's Firewood Splitting 

11:30AM- Team Railsplitting Contest

12:00PM- Apple Pealing Contest Begins

1:00PM- Crosscut Saw Contest

2:45PM- Egg Toss

3:15PM- Amateur Railsplitting Contest

*Postville Courthouse Open for Touring throughout the day*


12-4PM- CAR SHOW at The Mill Museum - 738 S. Washington St. 


SUNDAY, September 19th:

10:00AM- Non Denominational Church Service

11:00AM- Tomahawk Throwing Contest

12:30PM- Corn Shelling Contest

1:00PM- Water Boil Contest

2:00PM- Jr. Railsplitting Contest

3:00PM- Re-Christening of the Town of  Lincoln - Learn More

3:00PM- Professional Railsplitting Contest

Pioneer games and activities throughout both days along with LIVE MUSIC.  So, bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the weekend. 

*Postville Courthouse open for touring throughout the day*



The Railsplitting Festival began in 1970. It is a family festival celebrating the Pioneer Spirit of the time when Abraham Lincoln lived in Central Illinois. Come see hands on demonstrations of pioneer games and contests as well as: 

  • Log cutting competitions
  • Tomahawk throwing 
  • Corn shucking competitions 
  • Water boiling competitions
  • Flea market
  • Vendor show
  • Car show 
  • Food vendors
  • Music 
  • Amateur log splitting 
  • National log splitting 

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